Getting Started

How to get started with Elympics Unity SDK?

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To create a game with Elympics, you need to know some key concepts in server authoritative multiplayer gameplay. Once you deploy your game to Elympics, it’ll be launched in our cloud at the same time with your players. This means that you only have to create your game code once, and we’ll do the hard work of synchronization.


First, get our Unity SDK here. Add it to your project using Unity Package Manager.


Once Elympics package is added to your project, you need to add Elympics object to your gameplay scene and connect it to your Elympics account. Once you add your game config, you’re ready to start development!

And here you can find detailed guide how to set up your first project!

Game modes

There are three game launch modes. Since Elympics basic principle is to let you create multiplayer with ease, but the game needs servers in realtime to launch - you’ll be able to launch it following modes:

  • Local Player and Bots - local gameplay, no external server needed.
  • Half Remote - play on the network, launching your game in server or client mode. Meant for development and debugging.
  • Debug Online Player - directly connect to Elympics-hosted game - the same mode that will be used in production!

How to learn more?

To learn more about our Unity SDK details, go to Unity SDK Documentation. To get started and jump right in, check out one of our great Tutorials.

Adding Elympics to your game

How to setup your new game running on Elympics?

Run games locally

How to run multiplayer games locally?

Run games remotely

How to run your game in the cloud?

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