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Social Queues


Social Matchmaker Queues offer the ability to assign players to subqueues of already defined queue.

Sample flow of matching friends:

  1. Player 1 chooses queue Default with a randomized suffix (i.e.: 3c2t35bMyPwDc5Lt) and uses it in their game
  2. Player 1 passes this information to Player 2
  3. Player 2 uses information about queue received from Player 1
  4. Player 1 and Player 2 join this queue
  5. Player 1 and Player 2 are matched into the same match
  6. Flow of joining continues as normal


You just use queueName:suffix instead of queueName in ElympicsLobbyClient.PlayOnline method.

Actions & events



  • Authenticate()
  • Authenticated event – bool success, string userId, string jwtToken, string error



  • PlayOnline(float[] matchmakerData = null, byte[] gameEngineData = null, string queueName = null, bool loadGameplaySceneOnFinished = true)


  • MatchmakingFinished event – Action<(string MatchId, string TcpUdpServerAddress, string WebServerAddress, string UserSecret, List<string> MatchedPlayers)>
  • MatchmakingError event – Action<string>

Last modified September 29, 2022: Add production build script (b8cc0ff)