Testing & Troubleshooting

How to test and find bugs?
  • Menu -> gameplay vs gameplay and ElympicsConfig.DevelopmentMode

Local Server With Bots

  • How to turn on
  • Fast testing - 1 editor to check gameplay
  • Special IElympics values
  • IClientHandler.OnClientsOnServerInit
  • What won’t be tested
    • Lag
    • Missing inputs / snapshots
    • State deserialization and ValueChanged
    • etc.

Half Remote

  • How to set ParrelSync
  • Lag settings
  • Test players data
  • Connection options

Full online

  • DebugOnlinePlayer
  • ElympicsLobbyClient
  • Connecting flow with logs and possible errors

Common problems

Common problems that might occur during development

Networked Simulation Analyzer

A tool for analyzing the state of subsequent Ticks of synchronized simulation determined by the Authority (server).

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