Installation and setup of the Web3Kit


Unity Package Manager

  1. Open Package Manager using Window/Package Manager.
  2. Click the plus icon in the top left corner and select “Add package from git URL”
  3. Paste the following URL: and click “Add”

Download Web3Kit

From source

  1. Clone or download this repository
  2. Place the contents in your project


After a successful installation, you will be presented with a first time setup wizard.

First time setup

The purpose of this wizard is to copy necessary files from the package directory (which is immutable for you) to your project assets, where you can edit scriptable objects and prefabs.

After a successful import, the wizard will ask for additional settings:

Setup continued

  1. Elympics Room API uri - this can be left blank if you don’t use this feature
  2. Blockchain integration - you can leave this unchecked and the game will run in a “play for free” mode - without any user authentication and without smart contract features like betting.
  3. Smart contract address & Chain address - if you turn on blockchain integration you need to specify these addresses
  4. Manage games in Elympics - this is the next step required to work with Elympics. You don’t have to do this right away, but it is necessary to deploy and start testing your game.

Blockchain integration setup

Currently, you need to deploy your own smart contract and specify its address during first time setup.

TODO: @Michał

Included with Web3Kit

Web3Kit includes several other plugins as its dependencies. These are:

  1. DOTween
  2. Zenject
  3. UniRX
  4. WebGL Copy and Paste
  5. …and of course, Elympics

Advanced configuration

GUID conflict error

After importing Web3Kit you might encounter the following error:

GUID error

This is because you probably installed one of the dependencies listed above before installing web3kit. We recommend deleting your own installation and using the one included with web3kit. Alternatively, you can install web3kit from source, and then delete the redundant dependencies.

Last modified July 25, 2022: Added documentation for web3kit (e333426)