Main Menu

Feature overview of the main menu screen

Main Menu features

  1. Open the MainMenu scene included in the Assets/Scenes directory after running the setup wizard.
    • alternatively, create a new scene and drag & drop the MainMenuController prefab
  2. Add the scene to the build settings and make sure it’s after the TitleScreen scene.

Features summary

In this scene you will find the various game modes as well as a small user setup options.

Online Practice

This is the simplest game mode and the only one available without blockchain integration. By clicking Play the user will join the Free matchmaking queue and play an online match without any play & earn mechanics.

Online Match

This is the default game mode with betting. The user can select one of three bet options and click Enter to join the matchmaking queue for the selected bet. The user will also be presented with the calculated Entry Fee and the Match Prize. Bet values and payouts are configured in the smart contract. This mode is unavailable when blockchain integration is turned off.

Challenge a Friend

By clicking the Create button, the user will create a room for their friend to join. Once the room is created, the user can copy the room url and give it to their friend. The friend can use this url to join the created room. After they join and both parties are ready, they can enter a match together.

Debug Options

Hidden by default, you can turn them on to test your game by [playing locally] or using [half remote].

Top Bar

Here the user will see their account balance and they can change their username and change the sound volume.

Last modified July 25, 2022: Added documentation for web3kit (e333426)