Title Screen

Feature overview of the title screen

Title Screen features

Quick setup

  1. Open the TitleScreen scene included in the Assets/Scenes directory after running the setup wizard.
    • alternatively, create a new scene and drag & drop the TitleScreenController prefab
  2. Add the scene to the build settings and make sure it’s the first scene to launch

Features summary

The purpose of this scene is to handle user authentication, wallet chain and account validation and token approval. If blockchain integrations are turned off, this screen will only contain a play button.

In-depth features breakdown


Loading texts

  • Connecting Provider Text - displayed when connecting to a wallet provider (e.g. metamask). Default value is Logging in...
  • Network Checking Text - displayed when waiting for network connection. Default value is Checking connection...
  • Fetching Wallet Address Text - displayed when fetching the connected wallet address. Default value is Fetching wallet address...
  • Starting Game Text - displayed when connection was succesful and the game is loading. Default value is Starting game...

TitleScreenPrefab composition

There are two sub-screens included in this prefab.


This is the view that is visible on startup. Here the user can select which provider to use for connecting to blockchain wallets. Right now the only implemented provider is MetaMask.


This is visible during the whole authentication process. In this view, texts from the WalletConnectionSceneController are displayed.

Last modified July 25, 2022: Added documentation for web3kit (e333426)