Elympics Overview

Full featured multiplayer web3 game engine and ecosystem that accelerates the prototyping, production and delivery process.

What is Elympics?

Elympics is a full multiplayer engine optimized for highly competitive gameplay, with esports-ready features like realtime parallel world simulation, blockchain integration, out of the box security and ease of use. Create your first multiplayer game just as you would work on a single player experience.

What are the main features of Elympics?

Elympics is a set of tools that will help you build, debug, test, deploy and scale your multiplayer game. It includes:

  • Powerful yet easy to use SDK that will let you create your multiplayer game
  • One click cloud deployment (that will let us host your game)
  • Gameplay hosting with parallel gameplay simulation
  • Automatic game server scaling
  • Backend to backend integration for load-outs and scores
  • Blockchain integration for on-chain games and game results (integrate with your smart contract)
  • Smart matchmaking that learns how your game is played and is able to reason from it

Is Elympics right for me?

With Elympics you can focus on what you’re good at – great gameplay and player experience. Let us handle the complexity of state synchronization, input serialization and streaming, parallel execution, client side prediction and reconciliation, auto scaling and much, much more.

If you want to create a multiplayer game that is secure and yet easy to create, then yes. If you want to create a play-to-earn game, that is blockchain integrated – definitely yes.

Where should I go next?

Getting Started

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Testing & Troubleshooting

How to test and find bugs?


Follow along with these tutorials to see how easily Elympics can be integrated to your game!


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