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Run games online


Games in Production and in Debug Online Player are run in this remote mode.


It's important to understand that the exact same instance of your game is run in the cloud by Elympics.

In order to run the game in the Cloud, Elympics needs a Linux-Mono version of your game. Fortunately, it's really easy to create and upload it! You can do this manually or from your CI system. Remember to keep a versioning convention that you understand, because running mismatched game logic in the cloud and locally can lead to really strange and unpredictable bugs 🐛

Build and Upload

It's really easy! Go to Tools -> Elympics -> Manage games in Elympics. Set your unique game version that will identify this build. Remember to deliver the same build to your players, with the exact same game version

Game Version

Once you set your version, just press Upload. Unity will build your game and your bot for Linux-Mono, and then upload the build to Elympics Cloud, so that it can be later run for your players!


Remember that your game is built locally, and your source code does not leave your machine. In order to upload this build, you need to have support for Linux-Mono target. Download it with Unity Hub before attempting to upload the game.


You can check if you can see your game version in the web panel to confirm that the upload had worked.

Once the game is successfully uploaded, you'll be able to run the game in both debug and production mode!

Upload done Upload panel


Remember, that in order to run the game in the cloud, Elympics needs to go through the whole match allocation process. In order to do that, you need to go through matchmaking from the menu scene, so that we can allocate an appropriate game server instance.

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